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Gotico Caratteri Mobili

Caratteri Mobili is the new line that enriches the Lebole Gioielli Gothic Collection and is born from the fusion of several inspirations. The name of the line originates from the mobile and self-propelled structure of the earrings. This structure, in gold galvanized silver, draws its origins from art, where the mobiles are types of sculptures built to exploit the principles of balance. The hanging objects balance each other so that the rods remain more or less horizontal. In the same way, our objects, made up of colored and multi-material elements, are suspended on a silver frame that recalls the mother collection in the drawings. The earrings have the freedom to move based on the slightest movement of air, determined by the movement of the wearer.

In addition, each earring in the collection choreographically assembles colored stones of various shapes and small objects that remind us of the chambers of wonders of antiquity. In the Wunderkammer, as in our earrings, particular objects were kept due to their intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics.

Lebole Gioielli wants to actively involve its client, in fact the collection consists of single earrings that can be combined as desired to create the perfect pair for each of them.


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